Package X3dForWebAuthors.Chapter04ViewingNavigation

package X3dForWebAuthors.Chapter04ViewingNavigation
  • Classes
    Illustrates the effect of aliasing (tearing) by the coplanar overlap of two cubes with different colors.
    Anchor-node examples comparing HTML page launch, shifting Viewpoints, and loading another X3D scene.
    Anchor example using the Kelp Forest world.
    Illustrates Billboard operation using Kelp Forest example scenes for Figure 4.4, X3D for Web Authors.
    Illustrate Viewpoint binding operations (in gory detail!)
    Illustrate Collision node operation: set Collision enabled="true" to block user navigation through the Kelp Forest tank glass.
    NavigationInfo override example for Kelp Forest world.
    Viewpoint example added to Kelp Forest world.