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Errata: X3D for Web Authors

Front matter

Chapter 1 - Technical Overview

Chapter 3 - Grouping Nodes

Chapter 4 - Viewing Navigation

Chapter 5 - Appearance Material Textures

Chapter 6 - Geometry Points Lines Polygons

Chapter 7 - Event Animation Interpolation

Chapter 8 - User Interactivity Nodes

Chapter 4, Viewing and Navigation describes several nodes which support user interaction. Anchor uses the pointing device to provide a description, viewpoint link, browser page or another X3D scene. Billboard rotates child geometry to face the user, and Collision reports if the viewer collides with other geometry.

Chapter 12, Environment Sensor and Sound Nodes also includes several user-interaction nodes. LoadSensor reports when a media asset is loaded. ProximitySensor reports when a user is in the vicinity of a given location. VisibilitySensor indicates when the user's current camera view has a clear sight line to sensed geometry.

Chapter 9 - Event Utilities and Scripting

Chapter 10 - Geometry 2D

Chapter 11 - Lighting and Environment

Chapter 12 - Environment Sensor Sound

Chapter 13 - Geometry Triangles Quadrilaterals

Chapter 14 - Prototypes

Appendix B - Help: X3D/VRML Examples

Appendix C - X3D Scene Authoring Hints



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Portions of this work are from the book,
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