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A number of browsers are available for viewing and interacting with X3D environments. These browers run on a variery of operating systems: Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix, and Java.

NameBuilderCurrent OS Support
Contact BitManagement X---
Flux Player Media Machines X---
FreeWRL Communications Research Centre – Canada -XX-
instantreality Fraunhofer IGD XXX-
Octaga Player Octaga X---
Xj3D Yumetech X-XX
Last updated 8 October 2007.


OS: Windows (Linux/Mac strategically planned)
Builder: BitManagement
Download: http://bitmanagement.com/download/playerdownload.en.html
Comments: Evolution of the Contact browser from blaxxun.
BS Contact VRML/X3D or Stereo is most stable and performing player for realtime 3D based on VRML/X3D mixed with audio, video/pictures with focus on the Internet. Documentation and tools like BS Exporter for 3ds max and Blender or BS Encrypt are supporting the workflow of application design.

Flux Player

OS: Windows
Builder: Media Machines
Download: http://mediamachines.com/downloads.php
Comments: The free Flux Player is a high performance Web browser plug-in for viewing and interacting with Web 3D (X3D) content and virtual worlds. This version is for Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer and Firefox. OS X and Linux versions are in the works. JavaScript enabled. Flux Player is free for personal use.


OS: Macintosh, Linux/Unix
Builder: Communications Research Centre – Canada
Download: http://freewrl.sourceforge.net/download.html
Comments: FreeWRL is an open-source(R) VRML and X3D browser written primarily for the Linux (Unix) and OS X platforms. FreeWRL runs on both 32 and 64 bit Linux platforms. FreeWRL has been released as a Universal Binary for the OS X platform - it can run natively on both Intel and G4 Apple computers.


OS: Windows, Macintosh, Linux/Unix
Builder: Fraunhofer IGD
Download: http://www.instantreality.org/downloads/
Comments: The instantreality-framework is a high-performance Mixed-Reality (MR) system, which combines various components to provide a single and consistent interface for AR/VR developers.

Octaga Player

OS: Windows
Builder: Octaga
Download: http://octaga.com/
Comments: Octaga Player is the world's first and best 3D player for both VRML and X3D. It supports the whole profile of X3D which gives users a multitude of visual effects such as pixel shading and multi-texturing. Octaga Player is a high-performance, standards-compliant 3D player that can run as a stand alone application or be a plug-in to any Internet browser.


OS: Java, Windows, Linux/Unix
Builder: Yumetech
Download: http://www.web3d.org/x3d/xj3d/
Comments: Xj3D is an open source (LGPL) project of the Web3D Consortium Source Working Group focused on creating a toolkit for VRML97 and X3D content written completely in Java. It serves a dual purpose of being an experimental codebase for trying out new areas of the X3D specification and as a library that we encourage application developers to use within their own application to support X3D technology.

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