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Mouse-over the figure to see a larger version. Please allow a little time for the larger image to download. Click on any of the figures to view a large version in a separate window.

  • Figure 6.1. colorPerVertex="true" and colorPerVertex="false" effects for IndexedFaceSet and IndexedLineSet.

  • Figure 6.2. Convex and concave shapes.

  • Figure 6.3. Example use of the Color node to provide colorPerVertex="true" to the pump house in the Kelp Forest world.

  • Figure 6.4. Example use of PointSet node highlight the waypoints of the shark’s path. The points have been increased in size to better illustrate them.

  • Figure 6.5. Shark waypoints connected as an IndexedLineSet show the path travelled.

  • Figure 6.6. Shark waypoints connected with a LineSet show the path travelled. The lines have been made thicker to better illustrate them.

  • Figure 6.7. The pump house is built using IndexedFaceSet. The rocker arm and piston are built using X3D primitives.

  • Figure 6.8. Indexing scheme for the ElevationGrid height array.

  • Figure 6.9. Alternate forms of tesselation are possible for nonplanar ElevationGrid quadrilaterals.

  • Figure 6.10. Points making up a spine define a local Spine-aligned Cross-section Plane (SCP) where cross-sections are repeated.

  • Figure 6.11. Example pentagon extrusion views showing default rendering on left and SCP on right.

  • Figure 6.12. Extrusion example constructing the walls of a building.

  • Figure 6.13. Extrusion example constructing the hull, superstructure, and smoke trail of a ship.

Portions of this work are from the book,
X3D: 3D Graphics for Web Authors, by Don Brutzman and Leonard Daly, published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Copyright 2007 Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.