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  • Figure 1.1. Example software architecture for an X3D browser.

  • Figure 1.2. The family of X3D specifications includes multiple file encodings and programming-language bindings, all mapping to the same common functionality defined by the abstract specifications.

  • Figure 1.3. Multiple X3D profiles providing increasing sophistication allow more efficient browser support for lightweight content.
  • Image Not Available - Figure 01-04
    Figure 1.4. Example meta tags in newScene. x3d.

  • Figure 1.5. XML documents have a consistent tree structure for elements, attributes, and values.

  • Figure 1.6. Processing chain to start with any X3D content, apply geometric compression (if desired), add XML security features (if desired), and produce .x3db compressed binary encoding.

  • Figure 1.7. X3d-Edit is an XML-based Java application for creating and launching X3d scenes.

Portions of this work are from the book,
X3D: 3D Graphics for Web Authors, by Don Brutzman and Leonard Daly, published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Copyright 2007 Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.