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There are two final versions of the X3D specification - V3.0 and V3.1. A third version (V3.2) is in progress. This book deals only with material in the first two versions. Links to the specification documents for each version are listed below:

Common NameISO NameDescriptionLinks
Base or Abstract ISO/IEC 19775:2004 The abstract definition of all X3D capabilities. The definition of all nodes are listed in Part 1. The Scene Authoring Interface (SAI) is described in Part 2. V3.0
ISO/IEC 19775:2004/FDAM Am1:2006 V3.1
Encodings ISO/IEC 19776:2005 A description of how all of the abstract nodes are represented in one of the defined encodings. The defined encodings are:
  • XML - Part 1
  • ClasicVRML - Part 2
  • Binary - Part 3
XML Encoding ISO/IEC FDAM 19776-1:2005/Am1 V3.1
ClassicVRML Encoding ISO/IEC FDAM 19776-2:2005/Am1 V3.1
Compressed Binary Encoding
(Final Committee Draft)
ISO/IEC FCD 19776-3 V3.1
Language Bindings - ECMAScript ISO/IEC 19777-1:2005 A description of how all of the abstract SAI functionality are represented in one of the defined language bindings. The defined language bindings are:
  • ECMAScript - Part 1
  • Java - Part 2
Language Bindings - Java ISO/IEC 19777-2:2005 V3.0